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Producer / Creative Writer / Evening Announcer

Ryan Mader grew up in an area of Nova Scotia known as East Hants . From his Enfield home, he grew up playing hockey, watching wrestling and listening to the radio at all hours of the day.

While a career in the NHL was nixed at age 9, Mader has continued on in life with careers in both Radio and the world of professional wrestling. Schooled in radio at the NSCC Radio and Television Arts Program, Mader began his radio career at CKEC in September 2005 assuming the duties of creative director. He has also lent his talents to on-air.

While not stuck behind his desk, Mader can usually be found at the gym, at Fibber’s Pub and Eatery… or on the Fight Network every Tuesday night at 9pm. Oh, forgot to mention he’s on TV, too. Wrestling Reality follows the lives of professional wrestlers on the road, and Mader has been said to be the “clown” of the group.

Mader enjoys the sounds of acoustic Steven Bowers, Wintersleep, Sleep to Dream, Old Man Luedecke, Matt Good, Metallica, Dave Gunning and August and Everything After by the Counting Crows.

He’s addicted to TV shows like Dexter, Heroes, Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis, House, Family Guy, the Simpsons and Angel. When it comes to movies, Mader can usually be found watching something with Arnold Schwarzenegger… or laughing at random comedies.

Ryan loves to eat Chicken, Steak and pizza.

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