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Morning News Anchor

Hey, webpage reader! It's John LeBlanc, host of the Morning Rager on Rock 97.9. You could say radio is in my blood. (That, and Kraft Dinner.) When I was little, I used to make pretend microphones out of Lego blocks. Later on, I built a transmitter using one of those 150-in-one electronic kits and a nine-volt battery to broadcast my record player as far as the kitchen and living room. Been playing the hits off and on since 1989. Between radio gigs, I worked in a furniture warehouse, sold kitchen supplies, slung Tim Hortons coffee and donuts, and was in the first cast of characters at the Alexander Keith's Nova Scotia Brewery in downtown Halifax. (Got free beer at the end of that summer. Best. Job. Ever.)

I'm a born and bred Cape Bretoner, but found the other side of the causeway and have worked all over the maritimes. Have a low tolerance for fiddle tunes. High tolerance for dark rum, cold Keith's and single malt scotch. Love nerdy stuff, but can appreciate a good guitar riff. I stay active by biking in the summer, curling in the winter, and walking as much as possible. I love Pictou County because it's got great swimming spots, hiking trails, and great people.

Second favorite TV show: Doctor Who (I dig rubber monsters!) Second favorite movie: Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Still waiting on: that call from the Jeopardy contestant people. I want to get on the show before Alex Trebek retires. (Still miss the 'stache, Trebek...)
You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Foursquare, and whatever the next thing is to clog up your phone with tweet-pic-video-grams.

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